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You could win an iPad mini AND learn how to save a life at the Safety Zone stand on Central Avenue, where a vibrant mix of competitions, displays and demonstrations educates and informs on all manner of safety issues.

See what could happen if your kite or fishing rod hit an overhead electric cable – though the message is serious, the learning is fun and suitable for all ages.

Techniquest, the Welsh science-based education and discovery centre will be providing the opportunity for children and adults alike to try some of their fun and interesting ‘hands on’ exhibits, sponsored by Western Power Distribution (WPD).

WPD’s Pylonman will be on hand to help with our friendly competitions, and you can judge for yourself the creativity and talent of local children in the Children’s Farm Safety Competition, also sponsored by WPD.

With input from local utilities and the emergency services as well as volunteer groups, the Safety Zone offers free information and training to remind adults and teach children about how to prevent and handle accidents – knowledge that could have prevented the tragic death of sixteen year-old Michael Wheatland, killed when the tractor he was driving rolled over, and in whose memory the Safety Zone was set up.


Safety Zone is supported by Western Power Distribution, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and Aster Living.