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Amerton Art Studio (everyday)

Create your very own wooden magic wand with traditional greenwood-working tools and equipment.  A spokeshave is a very safe old fashioned woodworking tool ideal for children to whittle a stick of greenwood into a unique magic wand with the help of a shave horse to keep it steady.  Geraint will give an introductory talk and demonstration to get you going, then offer individual guidance to everyone to ensure you go home with a wand to be proud of.

This wonderful activity is FREE and runs for the whole weekend.


Dorset Axemen (everyday)

The Dorset Axemen formed in 2014 with the aim of perpetuating the skills of the forester, woodman, timber cutter, before modern-day machinery. Our display contains all aspects of speed and accuracy chopping and crosscut sawing with razor sharp axes & saws. Our displays are informative, educational, entertaining, and enjoyable to the public. All of the wood we use comes from managed woodlands & is felled to a proper felling programme.



Great British Dogs (everyday)

Showcasing rare British dog breeds, this exhibit is extremely popular and for a good reason.






Hawkeye Falconry (everyday)

Showcasing their breathtakingly beautiful birds, the Hawkeye Falconry is back and ready to amaze the audience with their incredible birds.






Terrier Racing (everyday)

Fun for the whole family, you can catch the terrier racing everyday in the Woodland and Countryside arena.

Thank you to our Woodland and Countryside Arena sponsors