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Published on 31st January, 2020

Many businesses have a meeting space. Sometimes it might be as grand as a boardroom, others it’s a cramped multipurpose space that just about fits a table and chairs. Whatever your space, sometimes you can get more from your meeting by taking it off-site.
As the old adage goes, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. If you’re going to the effort of writing an agenda, inviting the right people, and spending time preparing beforehand, why not make the most of it and go off-site?

Get creative

Get your team off-site and you’ll give everyone a chance to step away from the day to day environment of their office. Put them somewhere different, and chances are they’ll find a different perspective and stimulate some creative energy. Put simply, a change of scenery is sometimes all it takes to have a big impact.

Even if you work in very modern offices, the same space every day can encourage the same responses and same results, so if you want a new outcome or are proposing something more radical, book an offsite meeting room. Encourage a new outlook.

Sense of occasion

Taking your team off-site tells everyone that this is important. It’s a date to look forward to, and people will prepare differently than if the location is “just upstairs.” Booking an external venue might also make travel easier if you have delegates coming from further afield. Foster some focus.
Choose the venue carefully and give your delegates something different. A new outlook, whether that is beautiful countryside views or an unusual meeting space, will help and being away from the office prevents the inevitable interruptions if you stay put.

Shake up dynamics

Bringing people face to face in a different environment gives everyone an opportunity to interact with colleagues they don’t often get a chance to work with. Interaction and communication is vital to the success of any team and getting away from the office serves as a chance to develop these relationships and get to know one another. Discover something new about someone!

Having people working in groups from different departments can open eyes to challenges and struggles faced around the business. Employees also get a chance to impress members of a more senior team beyond their direct line manager. Give some thought to your seating plan.

You’ll be amazed at how much you get through when everyone is focused on the task or topic in hand. Successful meetings allow everyone to participate and sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what’s needed. Leave with a sense of achievement and purpose.

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