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05th May, 2020

You’ve shown your support through comments on social media, conversations on the phone or email, and through buying tickets to our events.

We’re sure you’re all really keen to get back to normal, whatever that will look like now, and start visiting events at the Showground again. Rest assured, as soon as we are able to do so safely, we will be bringing you a new programme of shows and events that we’ll share across our website and social media platforms.

Also, thanks to our team for their ongoing hard work and dedication. We had big plans for this year and everyone was working extremely hard to bring you a wonderful celebration of all things British, with agriculture, food & drink, rural crafts and entertainment at our flagship event, the Royal Bath & West Show. Sadly, that won’t happen now. Nobody could have predicted how the first few months of this year would pan out, but everyone adapted very quickly to different working conditions at home, and more recently many of the team are on furlough leave.

We write this on “Giving Tuesday,” which seems a fitting time to explain that the Royal Bath & West Society is a registered UK charity. Perhaps we don’t mention it as much as we should, but that’s the reason the Society was founded, back in 1777. It was set up to support agriculture and rural crafts across the region and over the years money has been made available to fund many students on their way into a career in the sectors. Farming is a huge part of our heritage in the South West after all, and if it weren’t for farmers, none of us would eat!

Our events make us the money to allow these grants to go ahead, and the Royal Bath & West Show is a huge part of that. That’s why on Giving Tuesday – a day to raise awareness and support hundreds of charities unable to raise funds in their usual way in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic – we ask you to consider donating the cost of your Show ticket to the Society, or rolling it over to next year. Today is a day for supporting the good causes you believe in, and we hope that The Royal Bath & West Society might be one of those, even if you didn’t realise previously that we are a charity. Your support means that we can continue offering grants and awards to the next generation of our agricultural community. Find out more about the work we do here.

Finally, we hope you are staying safe and well. This is something that is affecting every one of us now, but it won’t last forever.


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