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17th October, 2016

Dear all

We have been a bit quiet the last couple of months!  Time rushes by and before you know it will be time for the Royal Bath and West Show again.

Time to check out all those nest boxes you may have put up last season. Take them down and clean out all the old nesting material as it can cause problems for next years tenants. Also make any repairs that are needed whilst they are still fresh in the mind. We cleared out the boxes by the Environmental Youth Award (EYA) stand recently. They were put up in January this year and we installed a nest box camera in one of them. So delighted to see that the residents were all doing well via the camera. Unfortunately the monitor gave up and we were unable to watch as much as we would have liked. Lesson for next time… make sure the monitor is working properly!

Nest box cameras are a great idea and can give everyone a chance to watch some “reality TV” from the bird world. Especially good in the school where everyone can keep up to date with the latest instalments in ‘Bird box world’.

Don’t forget to get your entries in for next years EYA competition. It could be you picking up the prize money and trophies next time.


Those of you who have been winners before, don’t forget to let us know how you are doing with your environmental projects.



The EYA team

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