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Published on 27th March, 2020

One week down of lockdown done! Here at the Royal Bath & West Society, we’ve been working remotely for a week now and it’s been quite a rollercoaster. Last week, we shared the news that reluctantly we had taken the decision to move the Royal Bath & West Show from it’s usual end-of-May date to new dates in the summer (31st July – 2nd August) It was disappointing for many, but it was the right decision, and now we are fully immersed in planning for the new dates – we can’t wait to share it with you!

There’s been a lot of coverage on tips for working from home, and looking after our mental health. Combining the two brings even more importance as we’re dealing with the unknown and trying to adjust to a new normal. We’ve had visits in the office previously from New Leaf for staff to talk to about their wellbeing at work, and now we’re adapting what we’ve learned to our new situation.

Under control

There’s no doubting these are unsettling times, so we should focus instead on what we can control. With work hats on, that could be getting organised at home and creating a designated workspace. Set some boundaries. It needn’t be a big area but having a regular ‘office’ is important and it helps you to shut off for the day when you can physically ‘leave work.’ It might just be that you don’t have meals at the dining table for a while!

Reduce the pressure

We really are all in this together, so whatever your worries are, chances are someone else you know is concerned about the same thing. Talk about it. We’re in lockdown with strict rules about social distancing, but we still have lots of technology that allow us to communicate with friends and colleagues. The Society is using videoconferencing to keep in touch, along with email and phone, because sometimes it’s just better to be able to see another human being.

Conversely, too much social media isn’t always a good thing – let’s face it, everyone is talking about one thing at the moment, and if that’s making you anxious, consider limiting the time you spend online.

School’s Out

Adjusting to the new routine might take a bit of getting used to. Every day is a school day, and for those of us with school-age children, having them at home adds an extra dimension. They too are worried, anxious, missing their friends, and trying to make sense of a highly unusual situation.

Be ready to work, but know that it might not be the standard 9-5 hours for the time being. You might find it easier to work before children get up, or after they’ve gone to bed. Uninterrupted time is so valuable and getting a couple of hours under your belt at the beginning of the day certainly helps set the tone for the rest of it.

Keep active

Make sure you take the walk, run or bike ride you’re allowed out for. It’s easy when the sun is shining, but it’s important whatever the weather. A change of scenery, however brief, really does make a difference. And if you are a fair-weather walker, there are so many exercise routines you could do inside, even with very little space. Staying active is good for the soul but it also helps keep you healthy, particularly when you’re able to get outside.

These are unusual times and we should all be cutting ourselves some slack. Don’t be hard on yourself! And have a lovely weekend.

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