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25th November, 2016

Summer has gone and winter is starting to make its presence known!  In the natural environment the animals are starting to make preparations for winter.

They will store extra food, with many looking for a place to spend the winter.  I have had two butterflies in my conservatory looking to do just that, and hiding within my Landrover is at least one wasp, whose black and yellow back end I saw disappearing into the dash board!

This is the time when you can all help.  Bird tables are an excellent way of getting closer to your bird population and to be able to record the many different species that come to visit it.  Feeders can be made from old plastic bottles, ‘Fat Balls’ can be made with mixtures of seed and cooking fat.  In fact there is no end of ways that you can devise to save money and recycle whilst helping to feed the birds.  Your local Wildlife Trust or the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) will be only to glad to advise you.

Don’t forget the other creatures that need to overwinter.  Your ‘Bug Hotel’ will come into its own now, (as so plainly seen by my Landrover wasp).  Hedgehogs will also be tucking themselves away, so if you have made some hibernation boxes, they may well have residents in them.  It’s also important to check the bonfire site before it’s lit to make sure nothing has crept in and settled down for the winter.

Time also to plan for next year for your next environmental projects. Have you got your entry in yet for the Environmental Youth Awards (EYA) competition, because we will be looking out for them.   Don’t forget to tell us what your doing through the website; we are always very keen to hear what’s happening!

Best wishes from the EYA Team.

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