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By Zoe Purcell • Published on 3rd August, 2023

Here at Ebsworthy Moor Farm we have several breeds of Cattle –

  • Ayrshire
  • British Friesian
  • Guernsey
  • Holstein
  • Jersey

No two days are the same on the Farm!

Our day starts at 4:30am…

where we will get up and check all cows and youngstock are well. The cows are then rounded up ready for milking. We feed calves with raw milk from the cow (this is done during milking) and give youngstock their water, hay, and cake. After milking, we put in a round bale silage for the cows to enjoy. We ourselves will then go in for breakfast.

After breakfast, it’s time to go back out…

We check and identify any foot problems among our cattle. We will then spend time cleaning out the two heifer barns and calf pens, providing them both with plenty of lovely, fresh straw. After this, I have some time to head back inside and get on with any farm related paperwork.

At 3:30pm…

We will begin getting ready for milking and feeding the calves and young stock again.

At 6:00pm…

We scrape up for the final time and put out a round bale silage for the cows to enjoy.

During calving…

Our days end much later as our cows may require assistance from either us or a vet. There are occasions where we can be awake all night looking after any unwell cows! In the summer, it is really busy even though the cows are out at grass, as we have harvesting to do as well!

In any spare time that we do have, we prepare our calves, so they are ready for agriculture shows, something we really love to do!

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