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06th September, 2016

Conceived as a means for promoting sport for people with learning or physical disabilities, The Royal Bath & West Sport for the Disabled event made it’s debut at the Royal Bath & West Show in 1973; with 48 participants competing on a site at the southern end of the Showground.

As the event takes place at a major agricultural show it means that visitors, who would not necessarily have the opportunity, are able to see the athletes in action.  Not all of the athletes are experienced, in fact we are particularly keen to attract competitors at grassroots level.

sports for the disabled

The Royal Bath & West is a four day show with the Sport for the Disabled events running throughout.  Competitors, officials and escorts stay in accommodation at the nearby Wincanton Racecourse and the atmosphere here is wonderful!  In fact many competitors return year after year to meet up with friends.

Much of our funding is raised through donations but the competitors, officials and escorts do make a contribution towards their accommodation.

By 1980 we had raised sufficient funds to build our new purpose built site at the north end of the Showground near to one of the entrances; this means that visitors coming to the Show can pause to enjoy our sports as they enter the Showground.

There are a range of different sports and activities throughout the event including; basketball, tennis, table tennis field events, skittles, slalom, shooting and fly-casting, and there is also a swimming gala on the Friday evening at Wincanton Sports Centre.  Students from Yeovil College help run the events. The competitions are run on a points system, which finishes on the Saturday with the presentation of trophies.

If you would like to know more about Disability Sports at the Showground email

The original version of this article can be found in the publication; The Royal Bath and West – Celebrating 150 Shows

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