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By Rosie Breakwell • Published on 1st March, 2024

Join us Saturday 13th April 2024 as Professor Green, Saxobeat and That Brit Pop Band join us for a charity concert at the Bath & West Showground.

Rushton Dog Rescue is a wonderful charity who work hard to never turn away an animal in need. Rehoming the animals they can and giving a loving lifelong home to the animals that need a little more care.

Professor Green has firmly established as one of the crossover superstars of British music, the Hackney born and raised rapper otherwise known as Stephen Manderson has released two Top 3 albums and amassed a career tally of over 3 million combined sales in the UK alone.

Tell us a little of the history of Rushton Dog Rescue?

We started Rushton dog rescue in 2007, after the loss of Cindi’s partner Timothy Rushton, since then we’ve rescued thousands and thousands of dogs including other animals, the charity has grown rapidly during the years and we’re now lucky enough to have freedom farm to operate from, the charity is run by us both, Zoe and Cindi, we’re very close as mother and daughter and lucky we both share the same passion.

You have some famous patrons, right?

Yes we do, we have Shirlie Kemp who is lovely and has adopted one of our poodles, the kemp family have done some tv game shows before for the charity which has been very helpful in the past.

This April Professor Green is playing the Bath and West in aid of Rushton Dog Rescue. How did all this come about? 

Yes that’s right! We really love music and we have been thinking of doing a big music event for the charity for a long while now, it was actually Cindis (mums) idea! We have been really really struggling with funds so thought this could be a great event to raise much needed funds to ensure we can carry on our vital work and for people to enjoy a night out at the same time!

How did it feel when he agreed? 

Oh we were absolutely delighted! We actually jumped and screamed with joy!

What can I expect on the night Zoe? 

The night is going to be solely music based, it’s going to be such a great night! With music from two support acts we chose.. ‘That Brit Pop Band’ who are really talented and play some awesome covers! The other being ‘SaxoBeat’ which is a DJ and saxophone set. It’s super cool and will definitely get the crowd dancing! There will be opportunities to purchase merchandise too which also benefits the charity!

The evening with Prof Green is all in Aid of your Charity, but how can I donate separately? 

We really are desperate for donations right now, people can donate via our website HERE

On there you can donate via PayPal, bacs and directly through a donation link! Every donation we are lucky enough to receive goes directly to the dogs! We are not a charity which pays wages and expenses for humans…everything is for the dogs and that’s a promise!

Where are you based?

We are based in Somerset, just outside of Langport, a place called Henley.. our centre is named Freedom farm.

Do I need to book an appointment to visit, or can I just turn up? 

We do prefer for people to contact us before turning up, this is due to the fact the dogs have free rein across the farm majority of the day, we don’t like the thought of just because they are in a rescue they need to be confined inside kennels… dogs deserve freedom (hence our centre name) we also like to ensure those coming into contact with our dogs are those we can make sure would never cause them distress, we are very protective of our dogs so like to make sure we only invite those in to them we know have been vetted by ourselves

Where can I find out more about the concert and Rushton Dog Rescue? 

The event details are on our social media pages, the see tickets page where you can purchase a tickets, if anyone would like more information then they can feel free to contact us directly!

With times being tough, the charity is struggling financially with their upkeep and are looking to the people of Somerset to help secure their future as a centre by buying tickets to their charity concert with Professor Green!

Tickets are now on sale for the concert and for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, buy one get one half price on ALL general admission tickets by using code RUSHTON14.

Buy your tickets here

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