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Micron Bio-Systems is an international leader in biotechnology.

Utilising our scientific expertise in Microbiology, Enzymology, Biochemistry and Immunology we develop product-based solutions for the Animal Husbandry, Companion Pet and Environmental markets.

Micron is committed to product excellence and superior customer service. We market our products and programs through established distributor networks that support our philosophy of promoting product and marketplace integrity.

Micron’s marketing philosophy is based upon establishing programs rather than just products.

Our current programs include:

  • Forage and Feed Preservation
  • Mycotoxin Remediation
  • Probiotic Feed Supplements
  • Environmental and waste Treatments

Our active Research and Development department creates and evaluates new products and product enhancements in the laboratory and in real-world farm, industrial and home applications.

Micron is certified under the UK UFAS scheme and is an Approved company under EC Feed Hygiene regulations.