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Published on 23rd March, 2015

Living Countryside, Dairy Goats, Pygmy Goats, Machinery Stands and Power of the Past have all moved location.

Living Countryside, Pygmy and Dairy Goats will be near the green entrance close to the arboretum and woodland areas.

While Power of the Past which showcases the vintage vehicles once used on our farmland and the Machinery Stands showing the 21st century farming machines will be found between the yellow and blue entrances.

Alan Lyons, show manager, said: “Changing the layout freshens up the show but also brings together areas which are a natural fit.

“We have some great performers and performances and parades in Living Countryside and these now have a natural home by the woodland and wildlife.

“We have brought the modern machinery closer to the livestock which again is perfect fit as it is close to Power of the Past which is actually back to where it was originally.”

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