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Published on 3rd April, 2015

The couple, who run Blackacre Farm in North Cheriton, Somerset, are part of the nine-strong committee which runs the Farming for the Family section at the Royal Bath & West Show.

And they know what they’re talking about as their business is definitely a family affair with their children, Beatrice, six, Florence, three and Dudley, two helping with the egg collection and Dan’s father Tim, who founded the business 35 years ago still visits customers.

“We’re very lucky to be able to bring up the children here,” says Briony, “They have also got a realistic approach to food which is so important.”

“Farming for the Family is a real hands-on experience and it’s a great environment in which to ask questions.”

It’s also a lesson she hopes visitors to the Farming for the Family section will take away with them with the introduction of a new farm walk at this year’s Show which takes place from 27 to 30 May.

Briony said: “It is all about education and talking to the children. They will be able to see the full cycle of food from the chickens hatching, to seeing a butchery display to the food being cooked by a chef.

“I hope people who visit us get a real passion for farming and food and a bit more of an understanding when they buy their pint of milk or their eggs as to what goes into producing it.

“An egg is one of the purest forms of food and it’s all about how you look after the chicken to get that great tasting egg.

“It’s the same with milk; take very good care of your cow and this will show in the milk. Eggs and milk are things people eat daily but don’t always appreciate the hard work that goes into the animals that produce them.

“Farming for the Family is a real hands-on experience and it’s a great environment in which to ask questions. This year we are launching farm walks to take people around the area; it will be a circle. I want it to be like a farmyard.”

At Blackacre Farm, not only do they have 3,000 chickens laying free-range eggs but 2,000 free-range ducks and 1,000 free-range quail along with eggs from selected family producers from across the South West accounting for one million free-range eggs a week.

Their eggs are stocked in supermarkets and independent stores including the prestigious Fortnum and Mason in London from this month.

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