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History of Grassland UK

Grassland UK is a triennial event held to showcase grassland machinery and processes from seed to feed specifically targeting livestock farmers in the UK.

Grassland UK is a demonstration event held on working farmland; machinery will be dem- onstrated on over 70 acres of plots and in total the Show site will spread over 100 acres. Also manufacturers will demonstrate, with commentary, loading and handling equipment using the mown grass in the farm silage clamp. Muck and slurry demonstrations will also take place throughout the day.

In addition, farmers can get advice on topical legislative and policy changes; attend seminars (organised by the British Grassland Society); visit over 100 trade stands showcasing a variety of related products including seeds, mowers, balers, tedders, livestock handling and feeding equipment – to name just a few; and enjoy catering on site.

The Show was first held in 1985 and has grown from strength to strength to become the senior grassland event in the UK which is held in a predominantly livestock area on working farmland.

Sponsorship Opportunities at Grassland UK

Grassland UK has developed strong partnerships with like-minded quality brands and businesses for mutual benefit. We welcome the opportunity to talk to  brands/businesses who would like to develop a marketing association and have a variety of opportunities to suit dif- ferent business objectives.

Grassland UK works with potential sponsors to meet their
business objectives – whether to launch a new product, raise the company profile, or to entertain key clients. The Show is backed by a strong marketing and PR cam- paign throughout the year.

Benefits associated with sponsorship include branding, hospitality, ticket allocation and presentations, we also tailor all of our packages to meet your needs.

The Audience

The Show attracts more than 6000 visitors, and in 2009 the show attracted over 8000 visitors.

Oliver Seeds, Title Sponsor

At Oliver Seeds, we are passionate and enthusiastic about our farmers needs and one of the ways that we can demonstrate this commitment to our industry is as main sponsor at the “Grassland UK Show” at Shepton Mallet on 10 May. We look forward to seeing you there where you can view and discuss our range of ley mixtures. We have a desire to provide you with successful crops through seed quality, variety selection and sound practical advice. This has led to Oliver Seeds securing the confidence and support of farmers and merchants throughout the UK to remain as the leading forage seed brand.

The continued testing and assessing of our range at Hailes Farm and elsewhere enables us to see benefits and challenges. This breeds confidence in probable farm performance and hence, success on the farms of our patrons. If your business succeeds, then ours can too.

Mole Valley Farmers, Title Fertiliser Sponsors

Mole Valley Farmers is delighted to be the Fertiliser sponsor at this year’s Grassland UK event. As a farmer owned business we endeavour to support UK farmers through the provision of high quality products and services. As we move to a new world “post Brexit”, agriculture will need to adapt and evolve to meet new market requirements. The Mole Valley Farmers business recognises the challenges facing farmers but we also see the opportunities that exist and we aim to work with our farming customers to identify and fulfil their business needs, by supplying a comprehensive range of quality products. Our technical specialists can advise on ruminant and crop nutrition, dairy hygiene, animal medicines and provide veterinary support.

Mole Valley Farmers would like to wish the organisers of Grassland UK 2018 a very successful event

ADAS, Muck & Slurry Technical Partner

ADAS is the UK’s largest independent provider of agricultural and environmental consultancy, research and development and policy advice.

With over 75 years’ experience in the Agriculture sector, we provide ideas, specialist knowledge and solutions to secure our food and enhance the environment. At ADAS, we understand food production and the challenges and opportunities faced by organisations operating in the natural environment. As an independent provider of agricultural and environmental consultancy, we offer you a unique combination of insight and practical experience. We understand food production and the challenges and opportunities faced by organisations operating in the natural environment.

We have a team of over 60 experienced farm consultants, working across England and Wales. Our soil scientists have the scientific and technical expertise to translate the results from field-based research and desk-studies into practical solutions to provide best practice advice on soil use and management, soil quality, soil resource evaluation and protection, manufacture, remediation and storage.


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