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Held on a working farm in Somerset, Grassland UK covers every aspect of forage production, from seeds to feeds, with machinery demonstrations, a technical advice area, seminars, silage clamp demonstrations and trade stands from all sectors of the industry.

The one-day triennial event attracts more than 8000 visitors from across the UK and beyond, showcasing a vast array of machinery demonstrations over the 100-acre site.

Visitors are able to see the latest equipment in action, learn about new grass varieties and technology, and speak to experts on any related topic.

In addition to the working grass demonstrations, machinery exhibitors will be demonstrating loading/handling equipment using the mown grass in the farm silage clamp.

A packed seminar programme will feature leading speakers on themes including Under and On the Ground, Confident Cutting & Great Grazing and Business Resilience and Compliance.

Muck and slurry demonstrations will also take place throughout the day, with more than 140 trade stands showcasing everything from seeds and fertiliser to mowers, balers, tedders, livestock handling and feeding equipment.

Grassland UK 2018 Seminar Timetable

Time Session / Topic Speaker / Organisation
Managing soils for good structure

A functional soil is vital for good growth and growing conditions. Influencing factors include not only physical management but also soil chemistry and organic matter, showing why regular assessment is critical.

Mark Tripney
Beyond NPK for both grassland and animal benefit

A balanced soil nutrient management plan pays dividends, allowing yield and quality not to be comprised. Nutrients such as sulphur are now vital in whilst trace elements can help to address animal requirements

Philip Cosgrave
Yara UK
Effective management of organic nutrients

Organic materials, whether manures, biosolids or digestates, can provide a cost-effective nutrient source for swards and crops. Planning their use for effective utilisation of the nutrients minimises losses.

John Williams
Benefits of grass leys for arable & mixed farms

Grass is not just for grassland farms! Ley breaks in arable settings have many benefits, which will be optimised by choosing the right grasses for the situation, whether for livestock or growing products for processing or AD.

Chris Gamble
DLF Seeds Ltd
Grassland choices for production from forage

Gaining production from forage can be achieved in various ways, not just increasing grazed grass. Choices such as grazing management and mixture selection for the intended use can help ensure the stock have quality forage every time.

Bill Reilly
Considerations for the optimum harvesting of grass silage

With all the talk this spring being about multicut systems what does this actually mean and how can you achieve consistent yields of quality grass silage?

Roy Eastlake
New thoughts in clamp design?

Finding quality silage when you pull back the sheets is not just a question of how well it was grown. Ensiling the crop well, including with a well-designed clamp helps to ensure that the crop fed maintains a great feed value.

Will Wilson
ARK agriculture
Hot topic for hotspots – strategies for reducing TB

In the South West and beyond TB is a major issue for livestock farming. Strategies to potentially reduce the incidence and impact of TB are farm-specific but can help

John Bennett
TB Advisory Service
Farming Rules for water

New rules come into force on April 2nd , requiring farmers to soil test and avoid soil erosion and watercourse pollution

Piers Badnell