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15th December, 2016

Dear all,


The shortest day is nearly with us. The winter equinox signifies the ‘tipping point’ of winter and with it will come steadily longer days. Not that you will notice it as such, but with each day will come a little more daylight!


We have had weather conditions that are unseasonably mild this month, but that could all change come New Year. I have been watching the birds in my garden and they all seem generally happy, but life for them and the rest of our wildlife is a daily round of survival. Please keep your feeding programmes running because the birds will come to expect it. It would be much the same as if your meals stopped arriving on the table just because it was a nice day outside.


Winter is the time to plan your environmental programme for next year, time to think about what you can do and how you can do it. How can you re-cycle, reduce and re-use? Once you put your mind to it there are a surprising number of things that can be done. Paper cups and plastic pots make great tubs for growing seed in, whilst plastic bottles with the base cut off will give you a mini green house to over them.


What about setting up a worm farm next year? These little fellows will get through an amazing amount of kitchen waste, giving you a rich compost and liquid fertilizer in return.  Then there is the ever faithful compost bin that will dispose of most of your garden waste, again giving you nutrient rich compost for putting back into the soil.


History can teach us so much. Try looking at how people managed during World War 2, when materials and food were scarce. They had re-cycling, reduction and re-use down to a fine art!!


Don’t forget to let us know what you’re doing through our website and don’t forget to apply for next year’s Environmental Youth Awards.


Whatever you are doing over Christmas, do it well and have a wonderful time. We hope that you will like our Christmas card to you. It’s Blackdown above Burrington Coombe in the Mendip Hills.


A Very Happy Christmas from the EYA Team.

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