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Published on 15th March, 2022

Lisa Cadd, aka the Fuss Free Foodie, will be joining us in the Great British Kitchen at the Royal Bath & West Show 2022. Lisa will be presenting the live cooking demonstrations on Thursday & Friday with Briony May Williams and Dean Edwards and will return to the Show on the Saturday to do her own live cooking demonstration. We caught up with Lisa to find out how the Fuss Free Foodie all began and what we can expect to see from her in the Great British Kitchen….

When / How did the Fuss Free Foodie begin?

I started the Fuss Free Foodie in Dec 2016. It was a time when my youngest son had just started school and I had more time to look at recipes and shop around for ingredients. I realised that not everybody had the time to do this so I started to share what I was shopping, cooking and eating by writing a weekly blog. It’s grown from there! I had no agenda or designated outcome of where it needed to take me, I just jumped in and let it take me on a journey!

What has been the best experience/jobs you have taken on so far?

In 2017 I did some TV Shorts with a friend called Vanessa, making edible Christmas Gifts for the Hairy Bikers Christmas Show. On the day of filming we thought it would probably end up on the cutting room floor! But lo and behold in early December 2017, (and every year thereafter) there we were sprinkled in between the footage of Si and Dave chatting and cooking with their studio guests. It was a fabulous experience!

I also have enjoyed being a pickle pioneer for Branston pickle, which involved me making my grandma’s cottage pie enhanced with a couple of spoons of pickle and I’ve really enjoyed making videos for Thatchers, cooking with their delicious ciders. I am also a judge at the British Pie Awards and have previously judged at the British Cheese Awards at the Showground.

What is the best thing about being in the foodie community?

I guess the greatest thing is that you have the best excuse just to talk about food all the time! But really, the community is very much a great supportive network of likeminded people. I’ve reconnected with people from my pre-children days from when I worked in the cookery school at Bordeaux Quay and I have been able to meet so many more people that are doing great work in the food community. It feels great to be conscious about how we can support ourselves and our bodies with food, bring communities and families together with food and learn to live more sustainably in the way we grow our food. There’s always so much going on and much to learn.

What are you looking forward to the most about this year’s Royal Bath & West Show?

People! Being around a large group of people and feeling the buzz and the atmosphere. I think it will be super special this year after our 2 year hiatus. I believe everyone will be so happy to be there that the vibe will be amazing!  I’ve only been to the show once before in 2019, so I am super excited. I’m also really looking forward to being in the Great British Kitchen and being a compere for Briony and Dean.

What can we expect from your cooking demonstration on Saturday 4 June?

My feeling at the moment is little yummy things!  Little things you could make for a picnic or for friends coming round. Little things that you can make a plate of and enjoy with a beer whilst watching some sport! I will be looking to see what’s in season/available at the time or where I feel my heart is at that moment… could be totally different….you’ll just have to come and see!

Where can we find you?

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