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Published on 7th March, 2022

Who has been the most influential female role model in your life?

SUE: A teacher who, when I was 15, said that I should always be true to myself, make my own decisions but also take into account the impact that this might have on others.

VENETIA: A close friend from university, Jane Tufnell.  We both juggled busy city jobs with raising a family and she has been a huge support and influence.

Which 3 people (alive or dead) would you invite to a dinner party and why?


Sir Gervais Sheldon – Deceased, High court Judge.  One of the most entertaining people I have sat next to, he could speak knowledgeably and interestingly on any subject.

Joanna Lumley – Joanna has so many stories to tell and I think we share the same sense of humour.  I love that she is a bit of a rebel – quote: “I like to keep up the image of smoking, only because it’s getting such a bad press”!

Amelia Earheart – we both share an innate love of flying.  I would be able to hear all her aviation stories and what really did happen to her whilst crossing the Pacific


HM The Queen and Queen Elizabeth I – It would be fascinating to put these two great monarchs together.

Joanna Lumley – She would combine respect with making sure we all had fun

What do you love most about living in Somerset?

SUE: I love the glorious countryside that is cared for by the amazingly dedicated Somerset farmers and the eclectic mix of people that you encounter in daily life

VENETIA: The variety of people and landscape. Somerset is apparently the most geographically diverse landscape and I think the same can be said for its inhabitants.  It is never dull!

What is your earliest memory of the Royal Bath & West Show?

SUE: Visiting the livestock section and watching the cattle showing when I was 14.

VENETIA: I never to the show as a child so my earliest memory is taking my own children.   We spent ages looking at the sheep as a local artist told me they all have different faces.  They really do.

What would be your dessert island disc?

SUE: If I am allowed to cheat then – Handel’s Messiah and Albert Hammond The Free electric Band, If I am only allowed one then The Free Electric Band.

VENETIA: If I can cheat and take a video it would be one we put together during the first Covid restrictions for my husband’s birthday.  Various family and godparents filmed clips from their respective lockdowns to the Rolling Stones Honky Tonk Woman. I never tire of watching it and it marks an extraordinary moment in our lives.


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