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Published on 10th June, 2022

Over 100,000 visitors

3 Days

6 miles of Union Jack Bunting

8ha of marquees, pavilions and temporary stables

1 miles of barriers and ½ mile of temporary fencing

1,176 signs erected

1 x Jubilee Beacon

4 x Celebrities

14 x Society Awards presented during the Show (Long Service Award, Prince of Wales Award & Environmental Youth Award)

Over 10 Hours of Music in the Pilton Tent

Over 400 volunteers

9 Trees planted as part of the Queens Green Canopy Initiative

Over 4,000 animals

2 National Shows (Zwartbles National Show, Bleu du Maine National Show & Millennium Bleu National Show)

21 HOYS Qualifier Classes

5 hours of Falconry Displays in the Woodland & Countryside Ring

Over 250 packed lunches served to stewards and volunteers

290 stables hired in for equine exhibits

5t of coal for Vintage Vehicles and Shoeing

180m3 of soft peeled wood to create a soft surface for cattle to walk on

480 picnic tables hired in – enough to seat 2880 people

87 Miles travelled by Kaleb Cooper, to get from Diddly Squat Farm to Royal Bath & West Show (further than when he travelled to London)

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