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17th March, 2021

Name: Sarah Edwards
Job Title: Trade Stand Manager
Team / Department: Show Team

First and foremost, which do you prefer – Tea or Coffee?
Coffee every time, stronger the better.

Favourite thing about working at the Bath & West?
The fantastic team! Everybody is bonkers in their own way which makes it a really unique and fun place to work, especially when the heat is on leading up to one of our Shows.

What is your go to afternoon snack?
I’m a savoury snacker so would reach for olives or a babybel. Or if it’s the weekend, would a G&T count?

Any Hobbies?
Cooking is a huge passion of mine. I learned a lot of amazing recipes from my time backpacking in my 20’s. Travelling and festivals (pre covid ☹) fancy dress, the theatre and as I move swiftly into my thirties, batch cooking & embroidery.

What would be your career highlight?
Being a part of The Dairy Show 2019 – I was new to the team and this was my first Show as Trade Stand Manager, a slight baptism of fire for me! But I learnt so much from Alan and the team each day, it was a really proud moment after the Show, knowing it ran so smoothly and everybody enjoyed themselves.

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