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By Rosie Breakwell • Published on 12th April, 2023

Name: Rosie Breakwell
Job Title: Marketing Coordinator
Team / Department: Events

First and foremost, which do you prefer – Tea or Coffee?

Coffee! Although a mint tea does go down a treat in the evening.

What would be your desert island disc?

Portraits – Maribou State. Really anything from Maribou State, Bicep or Jungle – I could probably have their music on repeat and not get bored.

Favourite thing about working at the Bath & West?

Definitely the wonderful people and working in such a rural setting – there’s always something new and interesting happening, it never gets boring. Having sweet dogs in the office also helps!

Any hobbies?

Anything outdoorsy! I surf and hike a lot. I recently just got back into ice skating and am hoping to take up snowboarding again. I am also looking into a flying trapeze course in Bristol!

What would be your career highlight?

It is a dream of mine to work in the events industry so really anything event related! I think festival marketing would be a career highlight – especially if this involved working with my favourite artists.

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