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Published on 4th May, 2022

Name: Charly Andrews
Job Title: Head of Commercial Sales
Team / Department: Events

First and foremost, which do you prefer – Tea or Coffee?
Definitely coffee! Just a simple black coffee helps me function, but I’d take a coconut milk latte if I’m feeling fancy!

What would be your career highlight?
Assisting the NHS to open the first Mass Vaccination Centre in the South West. I learnt such a lot, met the Prime Minister and feel very proud to have played my small part in helping.

Favourite TV Programme / Series / Film?
This really depends on my mood! I do love The Apprentice. I always get carried away imagining what I would do for each task! You also can’t beat Friends for a bit of easy watching. I’ve seen it countless times but it never fails to make me laugh.

Favourite thing about working at the Bath & West?
The potential! There is so much big open space and beautiful areas, which creates a real feeling of ‘anything is possible’

Any Hobbies?
Dance. I love it! I’ve done some form of dance all my life, and at the moment I do lyrical and a class called ‘Sass’ which is great. Life can be so serious at times, so I love having something to do where I can get completely lost in it and just have some fun.

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