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Competitive Classes & Entries

The Dairy Show competitive classes are now open for the 2015 Dairy Show. This year the Show is hosting
The English Guernsey Cattle Society National Show.

2015 Judges

Ayrshire - Mr J Adamson, Lanark
Brown Swiss -  Mr J Westaway, Cullompton
Dairy Shorthorn -  Mr R Kite, Stafford
Guernsey -  Lt Col H C Watson, Exeter
Holstein -  Mr K Wilson, Carlisle
Jersey - Mr S Bland, Penrith
Showmanship - Miss R Jarvis. Thirsk

Calf Classes (Holstein) - Mr J Tomlinson, Preston
Calf Classes (Any Other Dairy Breed) - Miss R Jarvis, Thirsk
Champion Calf - Mr J Tomlinson, Preston

Interbreed Heifer Championship - Mr J Warren, Penzance
Interbreed Pairs Championship - Mr J Warren, Penzance

Supreme Championship Judging Panel

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